275 Gallon IBC Totes

These 275 gallon totes are excellent for storing most liquids, especially agricultural liquids and make sturdy compost tea brewing reservoirs, rain catchment and aquapoinc systems. Made from chemical-resistant high-density polyethylene, surrounded by a galvanized steel cage, these IBC totes are mounted to a steel frame pallet for easy transport. Each tote has a 275 gallon capacity, measures 48” long, 40” wide and 46” high and weighs approximately 130 lbs empty.

Our 275 gallon totes are available new from the manufacturer or reconditioned. Reconditioned totes have been thoroughly pressure washed but are not food grade or intended for holding drinking water. 


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275 Gallon IBC Tote
• Store and dispense water, agricultrual liquids and powders
• Chemical-resistant HDPE tank surrounded by a galvanized steel cage
• Mounted to steel frame pallet for easy transport. 4-way fork access
• 6" diameter fill cap, 2" diameter drain with 2” ball valve
• New or reconditioned totes available