This premium blend of organic amendments has been specifically formulated to amend or re-amend/renew soil for the growing season. This diverse mix of amendments and fertilizers provides balanced nutrients for both vegetative and flowering/fruiting growth and is composed of: kelp meal, fish bone meal, bone meal, greensand, rock dust, feather meal, alfalfa meal, oyster shell, langbeinite, neem meal, and sulfate of potash.   

Suggested Application Rate:
Mixing and Amending Soil: ½-1 oz per gal, 4-8 oz per Cu. Ft., 5-10 Lbs per Yd.
Available Sizes 
40 Lb (18.14 kg) 
Biologic Systems Amender
• 100% organic 
• Blend of diverse amendments & fertilizers
• For use as soil amendment for new or to reuse soil