Azomite is a highly mineralized complex silica ore (Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate or HSCAS), mined in Utah from an ancient deposit left by a volcanic eruption that filled a small seabed an estimated 30 million years ago. In use for over 50 years as a source of available potash (0.2%) and over 70 trace minerals, including calcium (1.8%), sodium (0.1%), and magnesium (0.5%). OMRI-Listed for organic production, Azomite can be used as an agricultural fertilizer and/or soil amendment product, It is easy and safe to use and good for the environment.


Available Size
44 Lb


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• Mineral rich soil additive and fertilizer
• Micronized powder. 90% of the particles will pass through a 200-mesh screen.
• Improves root systems, yields, and overall plant vigor in a variety of field crops and garden vegetables.
• OMRI Listed