BioBrewer 1750

Designed to maximize efficiency, quality, and ease of use, the BioLogic Systems BioBrewers come fully equipped and custom fitted to your specific system. Durable, high-quality parts paired with simple, efficient construction yields a powerful, easy-to-clean brewer that has the potential to produce extracts at unparalleled qualities and quantities.

BioBrewer 1750

Designed for broad acre applications on a professional scale, the 1750-Gallon American-made cone bottom brewer comes with a 1.3 HP air blower, 2” full-port ball valve assembly, industrial-grade polypropylene fittings, cleaning brush, and 6 large BioExtractor Bags designed with 400-micron mesh to optimize extraction. 

MSRP: $0.00

Price: $5,499.99


BioBrewer 1750
  • Simple construction based on biologic activity
  • Industrial-grade, American-made parts
  • Powerful, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean system 
  • Big bubble aeration
  • Includes: tank, regenerative air blower, BioExtractor Bags, ball valve assembly, hosing, customized drain valve