Biologic Systems Fish Powder (15-0.5-0.5)

Derived from fish protein, this water-soluble fertilizer is a concentrated and cost effective source of plant available nitrogen. Nitrogen is an essential element for growing plants and an adequate seasonal supply encourages vigorous shoots, flowers, fruits and vegetables. This powder requires no additives and dissolves quickly in water for all applications including injection/fertigation and drip irrigation. 

Suggested Application Rate:
1-2 TBSP (15-30ml) per gallon liquid
Available Sizes
1lb, 5lb, 55lb


Price: $19.99 - $299.99

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Biologic Systems Fish Powder (15-0.5-0.5)
• Water soluble organic fish fertilizer 
• Bioavailable nitrogen from fish protein
• Dissolves quickly without a wetting agent
• Great as a foliar spray or root drench 
• Easy application with standard equipment 
• Suitable for any growing system