Biologic Systems Coconut Water Powder

Raw, unpasteurized coconut water is an ideal source of vital nutrients, minerals, enzymes, and growth regulating compounds. It is beneficial to plants as well as soil and foliage-dwelling microbes. It has been shown to be an ideal growing medium for rhizobacteria, promoting strong root systems and more rapid growth and development.

Biologic Systems Coconut Water Powder is prepared from organic, freeze-dried coconut water and is available in a highly soluble powdered format for exceptional ease of use and convenience.

Suggested Application Rate
½ tsp (3 ml) per gallon of water
Available Sizes
1 Lb


Price: $49.99


Biologic Systems Coconut Water Powder
• Raw, freeze-dried plant supplement 
• Soluble powdered format for easy dilution and application
• For use in compost teas, soil drenches, and foliar sprays.