Plastic Trellis Netting

Trellis Netting, also known as Pea Netting or Bean Netting, is a great way to increase crop yield by allowing for more sunlight and air exposure, while decreasing ground rot and pest damage This material is sturdy, weatherproof, durable and reusable with large square opening of 6″ x 6″. The extruded polypropylene material (PP) is a transparent thermoplastic polymer. UV-absorbing additives and anti-oxidants are added to prevent the netting from falling apart mid-season. This trellis netting has a life expectancy of 5 or more years, which means that you can reuse it season after season. This versatile netting is designed to provide both vertical and horizontal support to growing plants and can hold an average of 28 Lbs per strand. While its mesh supports extremely heavy crop loads, its soft, non-burning material protects tender vines, foliage, or fruits. It is particularly good for gardening in small spaces on walls, fences and even rooftops.

Available Sizes
4' x 3280'
6.5' x 3280'
7.8' x 3280'
10' x 3280'
14' x 3280


Price: $399.99 - $999.99

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Green Plastic Trellis Netting
• Extruded polypropylene
• 6” x 6” mesh openings
• Rated to 28 lbs per strand
• UV stabilized
• Life Expectancy: 5+ years
• Increases crop yield