MegaPhos SP

MegaPhos is a high concentration of a unique, natural, wild microorganism named bacillus megaterium strain HM87. This potent microorganism is essential for phosphorus uptake in plants, especially when bound in high pH soils.

When applied to the plant, MegaPhos grows on the root system, colonizing and taking up residence in the rhizosphere.  While there, MegaPhos produces several essential enzymes and secondary metabolites that helps solubilize bound or tied up phosphorus, making it more available to the plant.

Use of MegaPhos will create a more efficient fertilization program, increase root growth, stem length, increase flowering and provide a significantly greater yield.

Bacillus megaterium strain HM87…1.0x1010 cfu/g
Available Size
1 Lb (16oz), 12.5 lbs


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MegaPhos SP
• Phosphorus solubilizing microbe
• Solubilizes normally unavailable phosphorus
• Makes phosphorous more available for plant uptake
• Produces larger roots and more robust plants
• Significantly increases yield
• OMRI listed 
• Certified Organic