About Biologic

About Biologic

Biologic Crop Solutions is a West Coast-based company that provides products and consultation for the holistic management of farm, orchard, pasture, vineyard, garden, turf, landscape and bio-remediation projects. With roots in Northern California, Biologic Crop Solutions has recently expanded with a second location in Southern Oregon. Our team of specialists- composed of PhD agronomists and broad landscape designers- recognizes that every ecosystem is unique, and therefore its management requires a unique approach.

Get everything you need for success from start to finish. Biologic Systems offers our clients a Wholesale Direct Price Model- getting you the lowest prices on the highest quality soils, amendments, fertilizers, controls, and equipment. Let us help design a system based on your needs, parameters and interations.

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Soil Management Fundamentals

Healthy, vibrant plants, animals, and ecosystems start with healthy soil. At BioLogic Systems, we believe that proper soil management is the key to ultimate success. Drawing on years of experience and research, our recommended methods harness and magnify the power of soil microorganisms and natural processes to achieve truly regenerative and abundant results while reducing and or eliminating the need for costly off-site inputs.

Soil Testing, Analysis, & Feedback

Ongoing accurate analysis of the chemical, physical and biological components of soils, inputs, and plant tissues is essential to making informed management decisions and maintaining compliance with all pertinent regulations in a growing system. Our testing and analysis methods are designed to reveal the ongoing condition of the growing system and continually maximize production outputs. By collecting data at regular intervals, we can refine the system and adapt to the dynamic qualities of a natural growing environment. We also work with our clients to develop site and crop specific Integrated Pest Management protocols (IPM’s) as well as Organic Management Plans (OMP’s) as required by CCOF and all other organic certifying agencies.

System Assessment & Design

Our team of specialists recognize that every ecosystem is unique, requiring unique approaches to system management. We assess and design management programs for each of our clients based on four tiers of system health: Water Systems Management, Community Dynamics, Soil Cycles, and Energy Flow. Together, we work to streamline operations, achieve maximum efficiencies relative to available resources, and meet land and/or production goals.

Product Sourcing

To support growers in transitioning to the biologic method, we source competitively priced NOP (National Organics Program) approved soil products and equipment. In addition to product fulfillment, we calculate crop specific application rates and provide a detailed analysis of cost structures. We are committed to delivering our clients the highest-quality, environmentally-sound products at the best possible price.

Product Manufacturing Systems

We work directly with our clients to develop onsite manufacturing systems for the production of: composts, bio-fertilizers, and beneficial microorganism cultures. With this strategy, growers can achieve total sustainability while reducing operation costs, offsetting their carbon footprint, and generating additional sources of value.

Our Services Include:

  • Wholesale Direct Price Model- getting you the lowest prices on the highest quality soils, amendments, fertilizers, controls, and equipment
  • Organic Fertilizer Retailer and Broker
  • Many Consultation Services- from soil test result explanation to entire system planning with detailed monitoring and modifying to ensure increased efficiency and decreased expenses
  • Licensed Pest Control Dealer Designated Agent on-site
  • Regularly consulting with and providing recommendations from PhD Agronomists, Licensed Pest Control Advisers, Biodynamic/Permaculture Landscape Designers, Experts in Field and Ecosystem Ecology, and many other Agricultural Professionals and experienced Biologic Farmers

Staff Members

  • Ian Davidson Director of Strategy
  • Aaron Kaczmarek Media and IT Coordinator

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  • Dr. Elaine Ingham Soil Microbiology, Founder of Soil Food Web, Inc. Rodale Institute.org
  • Paul Stamets Mycologist, Author, & Advocate of Bioremediation and Medicinal Mushrooms, Founder of Fungi Perfection
  • Todd Harrington President & Owner of Harrington's Organic Land Care
  • Darren Dougherty Permaculture Design Professional, Permaculture.biz
  • Michael Flynn Director of Education and Program Development, Common Vision
  • Aaron Lucich Founder of In Process Media
  • Richard King Range Land Specialist, Holistic Management
  • Dan Harder PhD, Botany
  • Phil Engfer Manufacturing
  • Michael McCarthy Marketing