Consultation Services

Consultation Services

Biologic Crop Solutions provides Client-Specific Consultation Programs for the holistic management of farm, greenhouse, orchard, pasture, vineyard, garden, turf, landscape, and broad-acre restoration projects. With the guidance and support of our diverse team of agronomists, designers, and soil researchers, Biologic Crop Solutions partners with clients to design and implement long-term biologic strategies which yield larger profits, reduced inputs, and overall program sustainability.

Agriscription Service

Call (541) 535-6726 to make an appointment to speak with our consultants.

Our popular Agriscription Service allows us to custom-tailor recipes and product application to your system’s specific needs. By providing us with information about your system, you allow us to determine the specific requirements of your system. We work with you to discover how our products and services can help you give your system what it needs to thrive while saving you money on pesticides and fertilizers that with healthy, living soil you will no longer need. We have derived and adjusted our recipes based on years of research and experience and are happy to be able to give you your custom recipe during your Agriscription appointment.

Consultation Services

Consultation Services By The Hour

Expert advice and assistance on any biologic related topic of choice available by the half hour.

  • Bio-agricultural laboratories
  • Liquid biological amendment (compost tea) manufacturing and distribution
  • Conference rooms for client consultation and educational events
  • Full stock of soil products for retail and wholesale

Both locations are open during normal retail hours and we are always here to talk with you about your system. However, if you are interested in a more complete consultation or have in-depth questions, it is a great idea to give us a call and make an appointment so that we can be sure to serve you with undivided attention. Please visit our company page for our store hours and locations.

Call us at (541) 535-6726 for products and services.