Grow Products

Grow Products

BioLogic Systems has conducted extensive research in order to better understand what specific methods and materials produce the most exceptional benefits.

Designed to maximize efficiency, quality, & ease of use, the Biologic Systems BioBrewers come fully equipped and custom fitted to your specific system.

Biologic provides a wide variety of isolated beneficial microbial strains for growing and fermentation projects.

We provide supplementary equipment including air blowers and pumps to create big bubble aeration, breaking the surface tension and creating uniform compost tea extracts.

Biologic Crop Solutions provides a range of pest control methods to stop even the most troublesome crop pests.

We provide a variety of microscopes for viewing plant tissues and larger microorganisms, like nematodes and spores.

Understanding how soil microorganisms grow and interact with plants is the foundation of the BioLogic Method™.

Our high quality soil amendments improve water retention, permeability, drainage, and aeration.

Our fertilizers are specially formulated to promote vigorous growth and are ideal for all growing systems.