At Biologic Crop Solutions, we believe that proper soil management is the key to ultimate success. Whether you are seeking hourly consultation, soil testing, or complete site design and support, our service programs offer a variety options to meet your needs.

Service Centers

Biologic Crop Solutions now offers two locations: Phoenix, Oregon and Santa Rosa, California. Come in to see our full stock of organic soil products and equipment or inquire about services provided at our facilities including:

Service Programs

Agriscription Service

Our popular Agriscription Service allows us to custom-tailor recipes and product application to your system’s specific needs. By providing us with information about your system, you allow us to determine the specific requirements of your system.

Call (707) 800-7486 to make an appointment to speak with our consultants.

Testing and Analysis

We work with you to discover how our products and services can help you give your system what it needs to thrive while saving you money on pesticides and fertilizers that with healthy, living soil you will no longer need. We have derived and adjusted our recipes based on years of research and experience and are happy to be able to give you your custom recipe during your Agriscription appointment.

Initial On-Site Assessment (IOA)

Our goal is to independently observe and test a client’s growing or product manufacturing system in order to evaluate how the system can be optimized to meet specific goals. After conducting a site visit, client interview, and full analysis of test data, Biologic Systems consults with its team of advisors to provide a complete report of observations and informed recommendations. This is followed by a client conference for further discussion. The IOA protocol is customized for each client’s specific needs and may include a variety of product, soil, compost, and plant tissue testing. This process often serves as a starting point for ongoing consulting relationships through our service programs.

Application Services

Let us manage the application regiment of your residential, commercial, or agricultural landscape. We don’t guess… we test! Our services begin with soil testing to formulate applications specific to your landscape needs. Rates vary by location and soil quality.

Custom BioLogic Support Programs

BioLogic Programs provide flexible, long-term support for growers and product manufacturers ranging from basic monthly retainers to complete system design. Our BioAnalyticsTM software allows us to visually track and monitor client systems, offering uprecedented tools for observing and cross-referencing a variety of soil data. This capability empowers our clients to make precise adjustments to their management protocols, increasing efficiency and while decreasing overhead costs. Contact us to learn how a BioLogic Program can work for you.

Product Development Services

BioLogic Systems offers manufacturers of organic materials and application equipment assistance in formulating new products or improving existing product lines. From conducting controlled trials in our research greenhouses to sourcing raw materials, let us help you to increase your products’ functionality, profitability, and sustainability.

Complete Soil Analysis Package (CSAP)

For growers seeking comprehensive analysis of their soil(s) this customizable package is intended to offer a complete site soil analysis and data interpretation. The CSAP package will include a combination of biological and chemical analysis specific to any grower’s context. Contact us and request our CSAP survey to get the process started.

Equipment Assessment & Retrofit Services

Most spray and irrigation equipment is designed for delivering only fine particulate and soluble products. Fine mesh filters prevent the passage of many biological products and many pumps damage microorganisms. Let our technicians assess, modify, and test your existing equipment for effective use with microbial products.

– International Ag Labs offers comprehensive soil chemistry testing. We recommend the S3, S5, and S-OP tests. Click here for the Soil Test Order Form

– Rodale Institute offers qualitative testing of soil microbiology. We recommend this test for validation of microbial diversity and biomass in soil, compost, and humus products. Click here for the Qualitative Soil Test Submission Form

– Western Labs offers a variety of soil, plant, and water testing, as well as mycorrhizae spore count testing. There is a garden soil test and various Agricultural soil tests including NPK, C:N, soil texture, etc.

Click here to visit their website and view testing options.

– MycoRoots offers mycorrhizal colonization testing as well as mycorrhizae spore count. We recommend this test for validation of spore count in mycorrhizal inoculant products. Mycorrhizal colonization testing measures what percent of a plant’s root system is colonized by mycorrhizae. This test is useful to determine if the mycorrhizae you are using is actually effective. Click here for the sample processing form.

Test Data Interpretation and Product Recommendation

Accurately interpreting soil and plant tissue test data is key to developing successful management strategy. Let one of our specialists help you to make the most of your data and provide you with a written product application recommendation.