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Why Annuals And Perennials Require Specific Recipes – Managing The Fungi To Bacteria (F:B) Ratio

All plant species prefer a specific ratio of fungi to bacteria depending on where they fall on the successional gradient. When cultivating any specific plant, the goal is to match the soil microbial environment to the needs of the plant. The chart below divides plants into four successional groups: early, mid, late, and old growth. BioLogic Systems compost extract recipes are formulated to produce crop-specific microbial inoculants based on the understanding of succession and fungi to bacteria (F:B) ratios.

Soil Recipe Table

55 Gal.

Soil Recipe Table

* Double values for intensive cultivation applications

** Humus and/or compost containing high fungal biomass and diversity

*** Values indicate initial inoculation rates. Reduce values by half for ongoing maintenance.

Note: Application frequency varies from weekly to annually. Contact us for specific recommendations.

Brewing Time for AACE

When average outside temperature is above 60F: 18-24hrs At temperatures below 60F: 48-72 hours.