Test Sample Submission Forms

Chemical and biological soil tests are an important first step in understanding the condition of your soil. We provide expert analysis and interpretation of your test results to help you understand the data. To get a complete picture, we recommend testing through Soil Foodweb Inc. for quantitative analysis of soil microorganisms as well as chemical testing through A & L Laboratories.

To get started, you can download the following soil test submission forms:

The Initial On-Site Assessment Application Process

The Initial On-Site Assessment (IOA) provides undivided attention of Biologic consultant(s) who will apply their expertise to your system.

By performing on-site surveying of biological, chemical, and physical conditions, the Biologic Team is able to understand the soil ecosystem and provide a custom-tailored strategy in order to achieve your goals, while building soil structure and fertility.

The prospective client emails us at:, requesting a Client Questionnaire.

Please fill out the document and return via email. This information will provide a good background on the history and goals of your company and the site(s) we will be discussing.

1. BioLogic Systems staff will review the questionnaire for free and provide the client with a first draft of the IOA agreement. Please allow one week for processing.

2. The client reviews the IOA agreement and offers feedback via email within one week.

3. BioLogic Systems and the client negotiate the details of the IOA and come to agreement on the specific details of the IOA procedure and the fee to be charged.

4. BioLoigic Systems visits the site and collects test samples and information.

5. BioLogic Systems reviews results with our advisors, and provides client with the completed IOA Recommendation Document.

6. BioLogic Systems and client complete the two?hour conference call to discuss recommendations.

7. BioLogic Systems and Client discuss further collaborative activates if necessary.